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The type and quality of cloth used in fine tailoring is crucial to the finished product. No amount of tailoring skill is able to disguise the use of inferior materials. The production of luxury cloth, from harvesting of the wool or silk to its distribution to the tailors of the world is a meticulous and time honoured process.

We offer three  levels of tailoring to suit for all tastes : fully hand-stitched, half hand-stitched and machine stitched(made to measure). All of our suits start with pattern creation and are preserved for future orders.

We believe that quality should not always be a function of price and that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a custom suit. Our suits offer a modern trim cut and a silhouette that gives you a defining look. with a silhouette that  a beautiful silhouette that offer a modern trim cut. Choose from hundreds of different options, an extensive library of fabrics and match with our stylish linings.

We make every customer a unique hand cut paper pattern which is the starting point of every bespoke suit. Our custom made suits are then constructed by hand in our workshop, then fitted in the comfort of your home or office.



J.YUNGER brings you classic european tailoring, Italian fabrics and unparalleled choice, with the ability to purchase an entire wardrobe in the comfort of your home or office





At J.YUNGER,we offer three types of tailoring. The bespoke suit is our premium service – the ultimate addition to any mans wardrobe. Our half-handmade suit option is machine made with all the finishing touches done by hand and our machine made suit offers a bespoke experience at entry level. More details about each option are detailed below.

Made to Measure Suits


Our machine stitched suits combine quality,price and turnaround time.


We cut a unique paper pattern for all of our made to measure customers, to ensure we deliver a great fitting suit.


All of our suits are half canvassed to give shape to the chest. This is essential when creating the waisted silhouette that we wish to achieve.

All of our cloth is sourced from the finest Mills. We offer fabrics from world famous fabric suppliers such as Loro Piana, Zegna, Holland & Sherry and Vitale Barberis Canonico.


Starting from $895 and made from luxury worsted cloth, our machine stitched suit offers the ultimate entry level tailored suit.



Rather than being made on a mass production line, our half hand stitched suits are made by highly skilled tailors. They will stitch, finish and press the suit with your body shape in mind, resulting in a cleaner looking and better fitting garment.


Cutting is an art. Each one of our garments is individually cut by a small group of local tailors with decades of experience. Every nuance of your body is taken into account during the cutters skilled observation and measurement. The notation is then transferred to a master pattern that remains on the cutting room rails.

The finishing on the suit will also be done by hand. With a beautiful raised lapel button hole and subtle hand stitching on the lapel, jacket edge and pockets your suit will clearly stand out from the rest.